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Pray for Trump – The Grass is not Always Greener

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As things in and around the White House deteriorate before our eyes, millions of Americans continue to steadfastly support the President.  Meanwhile, millions of Americans revel in the idea of his ouster, assuming that any situation would be better than the one we’re in.  Assumptions tend to result in uncomfortable situations, and it may never be truer than in this case, as Pence might be worse than Trump!

Pence is more conservative, more right-radical and more myopic than even the current White House resident.  He is against abortion, completely unsupportive of the LGBTQ community, against women’s rights and downright afraid of same sex marriage.

Wouldn’t we be better off with atheist leaders – just generally?

Wouldn’t we be better off with leaders that examine and question and evaluate and come up with rational conclusions, than leaders that just believe what their parents told them to believe?

Wouldn’t we be better off with leaders that don’t have a stake in a God – whose only concern is running the county or state or school district or nation in real time, in the real world, based on things we can all see and touch?  Wouldn’t we be better off – really – with leaders that understand that the enemy also thinks God is on their side?

Many of our Founding Fathers were religiously unconvinced, with the separation of church and state a primary tenet upon which our nation was built.   Do today’s Americans that believe in a God do so with so little conviction in their faith that prospective leaders must believe similarly – or at least profess to – in order to vote for or follow them?

Founding Fathers
America’s Founders did not have a common religious tradition or an established church.

Honestly and truly: would you rather have White House level decisions being made by logic and reasoning, or a voice in the night?

As difficult as it is these days to find things upon which we can all agree, maintaining the status quo and hoping that the current administration doesn’t mess things up too badly or start a war (welcome Secretary Bolton), may be a good place to start.

With a bit of luck in 2020 the Democrats will have regained enough sense to prop up a candidate with attributes beyond gender or race and give us a viable candidate under the age of 70 (for goodness sake).

So let us join together and hope for the best for the current administration, for our great nation and for each of us.

And may God bless the USA.


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