Godforsaken Heat

Oppressive deathful hideous heat,
Combusting subsidised fossil fuels, wood pellets,
palm oil be damned.
Fire Age dire, so strange, past irrelevant,
No-narrative, no-analogue tomorrow.

So immense unimaginable coming upheavals,
Inherited knowledge arc, past to future, broken.
No precedent forthcoming,
Impossible to triangulate accumulated wisdom.
A future never known.

Godforsaken manmade new high fracking heatwaves,
Hotter than Hell:
Erbaoxiang, China, Churu in
Rajasthan, India, Verkhoyansk, Far North Russia, Arctic Circle,
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles megalopolis,
Phoenix’s Sky Harbor, Syracuse, Italy,
Onslow, Western Australia, Al-Nuwaiseeb, Kuwait,
Omidiyeh, Iran, Death Valley, Mojave Desert,
Three billion climate bushfire cremated Aussie beings,
Lytton, British Columbia, two billion seethed
Salish Sea kith, two thousand and twenty-one Common Era.

Goddamn combustion oligarchs, avarice moneylenders,
Crazed corporates, unscrupulous heads of state, unprincipled fund overseers,
Ghastly timber tycoons, behemoth artificial food conglomerates, evil-minded miners, turncoat scientists,  Ye branded inflictors of Last Great Suffering!

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Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
His latest book is GenZ Emergency.
Email: HalterBooks@gmail.com for your autographed copy.
In Australia, order from the Bob Brown Foundation by emailing: Contact@BobBrown.org.au

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