Wolves in British Columbia

Wolf-Murdering British Columbia, Gawd Almighty

O Forestry, second oldest crafty occupation,
Masterful gameboard manipulators, corrupters, evil planet-killers.
Timber barons rejoice, Mother Earth impoverished.
Destruction and bedlam in the afar,
Yet few will endure or ever witness irreversible desecration.

Foresters demolished British Columbia’s coastal old-growth temples.
Now plundering the last Inland rainforest churches.
Inseparable couple, forest wolves/northern caribou,
Predator/prey, the biologists say.
Forestry government scapegoats, wolves must go. Watch the birdie!

Bureaucratic bean counters allot rare caribou $47M,
And $2M for helicopter wolf annihilation.
Meantime, 22,000 caribou fracking wells spew hideous poisons.
With $4.6B subsidies beckoning more caribou frackers, more earthquakes, more obliterating manmade planetary heat.
Simplifying to extinction, logging caribou’s irreplaceable rainforest chapels.

1400 masterpiece wolves brutally slain, British Columbia’s cruelty reigns.
Thousands of unmonitored fracking wells seeping hydrogen sulfide aquifer way.
Pacific Wild, dogged wolf defenders, litigators with bated breath.
Incurious Premier John Horgan detests canine kith,
Worshipping commerce religion fleecing ailing Mother Earth, faster!





1400 masterpiece wolves brutally slain, British Columbia’s cruelty reigns.

Elusive coastal salmon wolves are scarce and so worthy of total protection. Wake-the-hell-up British Columbia. Caretake nature’s doctors of the forest, the wolves, do not decimate them! Credit: Paul Nicklen/Sea Legacy

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Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
His latest book is GenZ Emergency.
Email: HalterBooks@gmail.com for your autographed copy.
In Australia, order from the Bob Brown Foundation by emailing: Contact@BobBrown.org.au

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Wolves in British Columbia Wolves in British Columbia

Wolves in British Columbia

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