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Ryan Girdusky

A Republican Rant with Ryan Girdusky – Video

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NEW YORK — Republican strategist and political commentator Ryan Girdusky joins Slanted Media for a lively video discussion about the State of the Union, #MeToo, and Hillary Clinton, that is sure to raise eyebrows and  cause a few laughs.

  • On #MeToo “Can you imagine giving oral sex to Aziz Ansari with Jerry Seinfeld’s voice in the background? Wouldn’t you kill yourself?
  • On Hillary Clinton…. She’s not the right candidate for anything… ever again…
  • On Leftist Ideology “…. A lot of these organizations that are really created in a very left-wing ideology pursue to destroy something rather than rebuild something…..”


Ryan is a self-described boy with a dream… writer @ Red Alert Politics, The Washington Examiner, amateur comic, born & raised New Yorker.

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